Why become a lorry driver?

At the time of writing, the United Kingdom has an estimated shortage of some 60,000 heavy and light goods vehicle (HGV / LGV) drivers. Furthermore, as the workforce ages, some estimates put the number of potential retirees over the next few years at 40,000 and as of now, they’re not being replaced. Terrifyingly, there are [...]

Tips on classic lorry insurance

By some definitions, any lorry over 15 years old is described as a ‘classic’. Whether you agree with that or not isn’t perhaps the key issue because the point is, some insurers will see them as such. That in turn might mean you face a challenge finding appropriate classic lorry insurance. Even if you do [...]

Precision Moving Solutions LA

  Moving home is a stressful event, and one that takes a lot of planning. That’s why it’s important to engage the professionals to do the job for you. Not only will this ensure that you take a lot of the stress out of the occasion, but that you can rest assured your furniture and [...]

Payment delays lead to business owners suffering from stress, anger and fear of going bust

According to a new report1 commissioned by Amicus Commercial Finance, well over half (61%) of invoices issued by UK small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) remain unpaid within the debtor day period.  Of these, almost three-quarters (70%) of firms say they rely on getting paid during their debtor day period to avoid facing a shortage [...]

Common Pitfalls to Avoid As a Landlord

Being a landlord isn’t easy. However, if you do decide that property investment and rental is something that you want to get into, it can be incredibly rewarding. The main point to consider when becoming a landlord is all of the things to get right. There are plenty of forums out there that can give [...]

Save money on your Landlord Insurance

The tax on any insurance policy rises from 10% to 12%, thanks to the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s decision in his autumn statement – and reported by the Guardian newspaper on the 23rd of November 2016. Along with every other insurance customer, therefore, at a stroke landlords face a 2% hike in the cost of [...]

Leading travel insurer TIFGroup wins partnership with direct brand specialist Less Clicks Ltd

Specialist full lifecycle travel insurance provider Travel Insurance Facilities Group (TIFGroup) has been appointed by Less Clicks Ltd for a new travel insurance schemes partnership. TIFGroup will provide underwriting services, claims handling and emergency assistance services to two direct brands, Now Travel Insurance Services and Less Clicks More Cover. Both products offer traditional travel insurance, [...]

What is haulage insurance?

Just a week after the UK’s decision to Brexit the EU, the Freight Transport Association (FTA), on the 2nd of July 2016, identified what it called its top ten “crunch” issues likely to affect haulage contractors over the next few years and beyond as Britain prepares to leave the single market. Amongst the many changes [...]

Stolen Bicycles Top Insurance Claim List

46% of all personal theft claims were from bikes being stolen according to research collated by HomeProtect Home Insurance. Interestingly mobile phones are only third on the list and were topped by claims for handbag theft. “As more people have taken to cycling, bicycle theft is much more common throughout the UK. In fact, our research [...]

Understanding Retirement Plans

As you prepare for your retirement, you want to make sure that you are aware of the many different retirement plans and what they both entail and require. You’ll find that these plans have a lot of different facets, so you need to be well-informed of all the particular details pertaining to the policy you [...]